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Japans Strangest Livestream | Nasubi | A Life of Prizes Denpa Shōnen teki Kenshō Seikatsu (電波少年的懸賞生活 lit. "a life out of prizes by Denpa Shōnen") is probably one of the most known challenges of the show. Nasubi, a young comedian was forced to live over a year naked in an apartment in both Japan and Korea by living only on commercial sweepstakes.

Nasubi - The Most Horrific Reality Show Youve NEVER Heard Of Once he’d “won” ¥1 million (about $10,000) in prizes he’d be able to leave his imprisonment and they would edit together a segment about his experience and call it “Sweepstakes Life.” All he was offered, in exchange, was a chance at fame. What Nasubi didn’t realize is that segments were going out weekly to a large television

Psychological torture makes for good TV: Japan’s demented nasubi sweepstakes life full Nasubi lived in front of the camera, with only the possessions he won via the sweepstakes, and the stacks of postcards for entering the sweepstakes. Due to his nudity, an eggplant cartoon graphic covered his genitals when Nasubi was standing on camera.

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